Shanghai Sun – The Curse of the General – Chapter 24 (A history lesson)

An American Executive travels to China to solve the mystery of funds drainage from the company he works for.

Once in Shanghai, he finds himself tangled into a world of mysticism, into a world of traditions going back hundreds of years, into a world of philosophical meanings meant to close cosmological paths and previously set destinies.

Action, romance, drama, humor, History, Geography and Philosophy – they all come together in an attempt to blend the dynamic western way of life onto the rich Chinese culture and uncanny traditions.

Chapter 24

A history lesson

-Before the final assault began, the Emperor gathered all his concubines and children and killed them all with the exception of the male children. He did not want his family to be mocked, humiliated and fly-blown by the peasants. However, his noble Consort – Lady Yuan – survived. And so did Changping and Kunyi – two of his daughters. Changping placed her left arm in the way of the mighty sword, trying to defend herself. The arm was cut instantly and she fainted. Kunyi was spending her spring vacation in Suzhou thus not being present at the events. The two Portuguese sailors who were doing business with the Imperial Court dropped on top of Changping and begged the Emperor to spare her. It was this moment when he decided to stop and walk away heading for a hill nearby (still part of the Forbidden City), where he hung himself. At this point, Zhaohui stopped. Both John and Vic could clearly read on her face a sentiment of deep sadness, gloom and melancholy. A tear came out of one of her eyes and slowly made its way across the cheek only to drop on the table cloth in front of her. She apologized, quickly stood and told the two gentlemen at the table that she needs some fresh air. Vic stood up as well and tried to follow her, but she raised her right hand in a sign of: “please stop”. He remained pinned into this position and could only watch her walk out. Vic virtually dropped on the chair and grabbed his two temples into his palms. John was completely perplexed. He did not expect this story to take such an unexpected turn of events. He felt like he was responsible for this and felt ashamed and embarrassed. With a wavering stretch of the hand, he grabbed Vic’s shoulder. Vic startled and looked John right into the eyes.

-I am sorry, man…I did not want to be the cause of this distress between you and your fiancée.

-Unfortunately you have no choice, but to be that.

-What do you mean, Vic? I am sorry again and I would like to make it up to you and to Zhaohui.

-You will understand soon, John. It is nothing you can do about. You were part of the curse from the beginning, you participated at the events and you cannot leave the fight until it is over.

-A game! A fight! A curse! What the hell, man? What are you talking about? I am here just to figure out how J.J.’s money is funneled…God knows where.

-Exactly. Did you ask yourself why J.J. picked you? Instead of answering, John replied with a question of his own:

-So, you are telling me that J.J. is also part of this game, or curse, or fight, or whatever the heck you want to name this?

-Nobody knows so far…he could be, or he could not be part of it. My guess is that he is part of this too. It was the moment when Zhaohui returned and again she apologized for her behavior. John mumbled a sort of: “there is no problem”, but his mind was already absent from the table. “I am part of a game, of a fight, of a curse…how did I get myself into this? Now I have to start doubting J.J.? I can’t believe that I am now part of a conspiracy, or whatever this is supposed to be”

-John…Zhaohui’s voice was no longer emotional. It was the voice of a woman who knew how to master her own feelings and emotions, the voice of a strong person who saw and lived through lots of hardships in her life.

-Yes, Zhaohui! This “yes” came out of his mouth smooth, soft, mild and unconvincing. He was now terrified that he was indeed part of a game he did not understand and never wanted to be part of. His palate was now as dry as a piece of tinder. The Adam’s apple was sliding up and down, in a sign of deep difficulty.

-Earlier I said that you should move.

-Yes, you did.

-I gave it a second thought. In order for you to solve this fund drainage mystery, you must find out as many details as possible about Gang’s private life. I don’t know any more if moving out would be the right thing to do. Right now, you are just one hallway away from him, or whoever lives there and he is visiting. You already found few details which are very interesting. For instance: that smell of some burning material…leafs, or spices, or pieces of wood, or whatever it was…we can find out lots of things by accurately identifying the nature of that smell and thus the place where it was brought from or purchased from. The mysterious woman who doesn’t want to show up her face and the other woman she brought to the apartment. Maybe all these things are connected to each other and will eventually help you understand where the money is going. You have to remember, John…everything that happens in this world it happens for a reason. Nothing is circumstantial, random or accidental. Everything is connected to everything, in spite of the fact that your rationality can’t see it for the moment. Rationality at a point becomes an obstacle in our way to see life the way it is, to see life as a blessing and a gift from heaven. You have to start believing in faith too, in things you never trusted or you were never taught to trust.

A long pause followed; John tried to gather his thoughts as the amount of information he was trying to absorb and process was piling up on him, not from a quantity point of view, but from a contextual and meaningful way of thinking.

-So, you think I shouldn’t move…but eventually Tony will see me in the Lobby or getting out or in from or into my apartment.

-We will deal with it at that moment. Gang knows everything in the Office. He is also connected to people I would simply call: not trusty. I don’t know if he is part of an Organization or a Sect, or something like this; Vic can tell you more about this.

-John, we need to sit down – the two of us – and have a long chat.

-Agree. But before we do this, I need to ask you two guys a simple question.

-Sure, go ahead. Zhaohui looked at John and slightly bent her head down, in an affirmative way. It was another moment of silence before John spoke and placed the question which he badly wanted to get it out of his chest:

-Are you two guys with me? Can I fully trust that you will be by my side regardless of the circumstances? Both Vic and his fiancée looked at each other first and then at John. Their eyes were expressing disbelieve that John ever doubted them, which made John feel again embarrassed. He apologized once more. It took another moment of silence. Nobody was saying anything anymore. This time, John felt like it was his mistake and needed to do something to fix it.

-So, what happened after the Emperor killed himself?.

-It’s enough for today, John. Too much too soon is never good. You need some time to get accustomed to the Chinese way of life, to our way of dealing with adverse and hostile situations. I will finish telling the story for you soon. It’s getting late. It is ten o’clock already. Shall we go?

-Sure, please ask for the check. As I said, it is my treat.

-Thanks, John.

-No problem, Vic. It was my pleasure again to have dinner with you two guys.

-You are a gentleman, John. Thank you for the dinner.

-Again, my pleasure, Zhaohui.

-You are getting good with your Chinese accent! She started laughing; John and then Vic, both joined in. Everybody was happy that those few moments of tension and emotions were over and the evening ended up into a positive and high note of optimism.

The taxi ride was short. Vic asked the driver to wait. All three of them, went inside the Lobby to have a final word. The place they picked, was a darker corner of the Lobby near a cherry and a lemon tree. John couldn’t help, yet again, watching Zhaohui getting close to the lemon tree and almost fall into a transcendental state of mind. Both Vic and John moved closer to her…this time, she managed to hold onto her emotions and murmured: “it is so beautiful, the flowers are perfectly blossomed…same like…” The last few words were inaudible but John (almost involuntarily) continued the phrase still on a low and soft pitched tone: “…same like the lemon trees’ flowers in the garden”

Zhaohui startled and her face looked thrilled, while the chest was throbbing from the almost uncontrolled heart beats. Vic’s face turned white like a sheet of paper. His Adam’s apple was racing in an uncontrolled vertical motion, while a cold sweat was dripping buckets from his forehead. He was stunned! On the other hand, looked like John had joined in alongside Zhaohui in admiring those surreal white flowers which were bringing the perfume of a heavenly garden. For few seconds, he did not realize the change into his demeanor. From a realistic and hard to impress Executive attitude to almost a romantic, sensible and delicate stance. Now, both Vic and his fiancée were looking at him with complete different eyes. Zhaohui was in a state of complete shock. Hearing John’s sentence, was like a cold shower. She was now frightened and her big, black, slender eyes were expressing this feeling by wide opening and thus emphasizing even more their beauty. John realized the situation he was into. He felt embarrassed and apologized. Zhaohui was still keeping her eyes on him, scrutinizing his face to the latest detail. Finally, John broke the ice yet again:

-It is late, I guess we have to call it a day.

-Absolutely! I am tired too. Vic simulated a yawn and covered his mouth. It was just a gesture to hide his uneasiness produced by the late events.

-Good night, John. We will finish the story some other time. It was much of a pleasure again to have dinner with you.

-Thank you, Zhaohui. It was lovely to have you two guys with me. They shook hands and both Vic and his future wife turned around and headed for the doors.

-By the way…do you want me to pick you up tomorrow morning, John? Vic asked this question while half turning his head towards John’s direction.

-No, that’s fine Vic. I will grab a taxi. Thanks for offering though.

Vic turned around and made the well-known “good bye” sign.

John watched them for few seconds and then headed for the elevators. A different way of looking at the hallway was now part of his ritual. Upon exiting the elevator, he was cautiously looking towards the direction of his apartment door on which he had a clear view. However, Tony’s apartment was around the corner, so he was blindly walking towards his door not knowing if he would eventually bump into Tony (or the person he saw through the cracked door) or the mysterious woman apparently living into the same apartment. He was almost walking on his toes when he reached his door. Swiped the card and he was in. He rested his shoulders against the door for few seconds, then slowly started sliding down until he dropped on his buttocks; he brought his knees close to his mouth and grabbed them with both his arms. His head was now resting on his knees while he was trying to clear up his mind. The multitude of events which he’s been through that day, drained his tank of energy and resources: both physical and mental. He just wanted to lay into his bed. It was almost 11 o’clock and he had to call J.J. Slowly picked himself up and headed for the window. On his way there, he took his shoes off and left them in the middle of the living room while placing his coat on the back of a chair, as he never did before. The long and eventful day took a big toll on him. He stopped by the bar, and looked inside. Spotted a bottle of 12 years old single malt Scotch he loved. Without hesitation opened it up and poured himself a glass of the great spirit from that bottle. The first sip was taken with his eyes closed; he wanted to relish that drink and feel it how it burns the palate while smoothly sliding down the throat and then into the stomach.

He grabbed his cell and dialed America. J.J. picked up right away. It was a short conversation. J.J. realized that his man is dying to go to bed. John refrained to mention all his adventures, as he was dead tired and did not want to give his boss just bits and pieces of information. Ultimately, J.J. just wanted to make sure John is safe and the accommodation is alright. After hanging up, John placed a stool in front of the window and put his feet up letting himself being dragged into contemplating the Downtown lights and the river traffic. The lights from the barges that were sailing on Huangpu, made him relax. This great river was conveying every time the same sense of eternity and serenity, the same sense of endurance and strength.

The events of the day overwhelmed John. There was so much information he absorbed, that he was now wondering what to do with it. And most of all, he felt like he was slowly getting sucked into this three hundred sixty six year old story of the last Ming Dynasty days. “Why me? Why? Why not somebody else? Who am I to be “the right person” for this job? Why all the persons I have met here are pointing towards the same direction? Why did Vic say that I am part of the game now, that I am part of the fight? Which game? Which fight? Fighting on whose side? Who is the enemy? Who is Zhaohui? How did Vic become part of this? He is clearly into it. But how was he sucked in? Who is Tony Gang and Mr. Wang? Who is that person who participated at our conversation with Wang, who sat into the dark all along? Who is the mysterious woman getting in and out from the apartment across the hallway?”

All these questions made his head spin and he realized that the maze of connections between people who were part of this “game” was so intricate and obscure, so enigmatic, mysterious and mystic that it was impossible for him to decipher the message of the story. He finally understood that he has no other option but to fully trust Vic and Zhaohui. At this point, he felt like his hands were tightened up and he had to completely rely on his friends. One of Tony’s remarks came to his mind: “We are all the products of the past, John” and this was already bothering him…why do we have to go back into the past? Why the dying days of the Ming’s?” So many questions were popping up into his head, and so very few answers! Suddenly, he remembered an advice Scott gave him, using a Football analogy: “When your pocket doesn’t help you on the field, what do you do? You still have to win the game, right? How do you win it? You have your legs! If you have no pocket and you cannot throw the ball, you have to use your legs and try to get the first down, right? This is what you have to do there, John. Of course, instead of using your legs, you have to use your eyes and ears, you have to use your feel for people; you have to ask questions, you have to gain people’s trust”.

It was enlightening and John cracked a smile. “I guess I have to win this game without the help of my pocket. It will be hard, but at least I can try”.

John finished up his drink and headed for the bedroom. It was the moment when he physically dropped on the bed and fell asleep right away.

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