Dining with Dracula

When the shadows of the braves
Bring the bats out from the caves
And the werewolves to the gates,
When the night will be soon
A playground for the moon,
When the wolves’ howl in the night
Will be feared far and wide,
HE will raise from the grave
To spread terror among the brave
Suckling blood from his bites
Making virgins newly wives.

Then the feast have had started
Many knights have been invited
All of them with dark, grey past
Never told, never asked,
Prisoners of the lust
Lust for flesh and lust for gold
Never ever to be sold!

The cupbearer brings the wine
And the Minstrels tune the vibe
The vibe of their strings
Make immortals dance in rings
Til’ the roosters’ crow again
Make them mortals and villains.

HE then stood and made a sign…
Stretched the hand and asked for wine
With a thundering voice, teased:
“I just changed my mind…
May I have a rum and Coke? To go, please!”

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